The Best Time of Year to Get Liposuction

When to Get Liposuction

When to Get Liposuction

Many people put off scheduling their liposuction appointment until the warmer months for the thrill of showing off their newly contoured body with summer wear. Although spring and summer are busy seasons for plastic surgeons, they aren’t necessarily the best times to schedule a treatment. Appointments can book very quickly in the warmer months and cause a problem with scheduling. By the time you do the consultation, schedule the procedure and go through the recovery period, fall will be rapidly approaching. So, what is the best time of the year to get liposuction?

What Time Of Year Is Best?

Many surgeons say winter is the best time of the year to have liposuction. Schedules are generally slower during the winter season which makes it easier to schedule a consultation and procedure that meets your timeframe. When scheduling liposuction, keep in mind that recovery times vary per patient as well as the size of the area being treated. While a small area can heal quickly, a larger region or multiple sections can take longer. Consequently, healing can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months and it can take approximately 2 months for the small incision lines to become virtually invisible. Schedule early if you are trying to get a summer body in order to avoid running into the summer months during your recovery period.

Recovery Time

During the recovery period, you will wear a compression garment around the treated area for approximately 4-6 weeks to help with the swelling. Although the garment is designed to fit close to the body, it can cause you to feel a bit self-conscious so long sleeves and winter clothes can offer better discretion after liposuction. Plus, you don’t want to be burdened with wearing a compression garment in the heat of the summer or be limited during a trip that involves water activities. For these reasons, it is best to have liposuction in the winter to give yourself plenty of recovery time before the weather changes. However, the body takes time to heal and it is best to follow the surgeon’s recommendations for a successful outcome.

Many women don’t like the idea of having liposuction in the winter because of the holidays but liposuction is not a procedure where you are confined to bed or have many other physical restrictions. Your doctor will give you tips for speeding up your liposuction recovery including taking it easy the first few days, not straining the treated area and instructions on keeping the incisions clean. While some women are on the go a few days later, others need a week or two of downtime. A well-planned liposuction surgery should not impact your holidays or your summer.


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