Does Liposuction Cause Cellulite?

Liposuction and Cellulite

Liposuction: Can It Cause Cellulite?While many people wonder if liposuction causes cellulite, the answer to that can be inconclusive. Many experts argue that cellulite is genetically predisposed and liposuction can simply cause it to be more noticeable. Others suggest that liposuction can correct or improve the appearance of cellulite. When it comes to the connection between liposuction and cellulite, surgeons across the country have differing opinions.

Cellulite is fibrous tissue, beneath the skin’s surface, which is distended with fat. These small pockets of fat push up on the tissue and create a dimpled look on the surface of the skin. Plastic surgeon Dr. Sarah McMillan of Kirkland, WA claims that too much fat removal or too little liposuction can make cellulite more noticeable. However, she says it does not cause more cellulite. Dr. McMillan says, “If liposuction is overdone and too much fat is taken out, the skin will wrinkle more and make the cellulite look worse with more dimpling.”

Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian, a Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon, explains that cellulite is influenced by the percentage of body fat, the elasticity of the skin and skin quality. Women typically suffer more from cellulite than men due to factors such as genetics, hormones and caffeine. Dr. Karamanoukian believes that cellulite cannot be eliminated with exercise, diet or liposuction.

Newport Beach plastic surgeon, Dr. Douglas L. Hendricks, states that liposuction doesn’t really cause more cellulite. “Sometimes when people have aggressive liposuction, or if they get liposuction when they have minimal fat, the waviness and rippling” that results from the liposuction is sometimes confused with cellulite.

Dr. Robin T.W. Yuan, a Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, says liposuction almost always causes contour irregularities. It doesn’t cause cellulite due to the fact the doctor is trying to suction a smooth surface and make it smoother. However, a patient who already has cellulite has a higher risk of making more irregularities with liposuction. In rare cases, the irregularities prior to the procedure are so great that liposuction may make them seem less noticeable.

Until recently, Dr. Francisco Canales of Santa Rosa told patients that liposuction has no effect on cellulite. It is a procedure to remove fat from problematic areas and any cellulite present prior to surgery will still be present after the surgery. However, laser assisted liposuction benefits patients by tightening the skin as the fat is removed which lessens and improves cellulite. Dr. Canales also says that patients should understand it takes more than one treatment to effectively cure cellulite.

As seen above, there are differing opinions when it comes to a definitive connection between liposuction and cellulite. Patients should schedule a consultation with a doctor whose opinion they trust and who can also show before and after photos of previous patients who underwent the procedure. It might be a long time until there is a definitive answer about the connection between cellulite and liposuction so patients need to conduct proper research on the subject before choosing a doctor to perform their liposuction procedure.

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