Mini Liposuction – What is it?

What is Mini Liposuction

Mini liposuction is a procedure that is used to treat patients who are already near their ideal weight, but they still want to target areas of the body which are disproportionally retaining fat. The procedure is similar to regular liposuction as incisions are made and fat is taken out. However, it is a shorter version that can be performed in under an hour using local anesthetic. Mini liposuction uses a thinner cannula for fat removal since it is targeting a smaller patients can expect minimal bruising and a shorter recovery time.

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Mini Liposuction – How it is Performed

Mini liposuction is performed on an outpatient basis. The treated area has a tumescent fluid injected into the targeted section on the body. The fluid is a combination of lidocaine, epinephrine and saline and it numbs the treatment area. Epinephrine constricts the blood vessels to minimize bleeding and bruising and the saline swells the tissue to make the fat removal process easier. The surgeon makes small incisions for the insertion of the cannula. The surgeon then moves the cannula back and forth to break up fat cells that will be suctioned through the holes in the cannula. The incisions are so small that sutures are not needed but surgical tape, skin adhesives or bandages will be applied to the wound.

An alternative treatment is laser lipo that uses a low-energy laser to melt fat for easier removal. The heat from the laser causes the tissue to contract and also promote collagen production for tighter skin. Laser lipo has the potential for a burn on the skin due to the laser energy.

Recovery and Results

Recovery for mini liposuctionPatients are able to walk soon after the procedure, but they will need a friend or family member to drive them home following the treatment. Patients can expect some discomfort, swelling and slight bruising during the first few days after the procedure. A compression garment will be placed around the treatment area to help minimize swelling. This garment should be worn 24 hours a day for about two weeks. There are no restrictions on exercise or activities as long as the patient can comfortably perform them.

The results from a mini liposuction procedure are immediate. Patients will see a reduction in fat and an overall improved contour of the treated area. The final results can take between three and six months to appear since it takes time for the skin to contract. In addition, any damaged fat which was not suctioned out of the treated area will need to be naturally eliminated from the body. It can take a year for the incision line to fade even though the scar is so small that it is almost invisible. The results are permanent since the fat that is removed can never come back. However, the patient should follow a healthy diet and exercise routine to maintain the results.

Mini Liposuction Limitations and Risks

Mini liposuction is only able to remove less than 2.5 pound of fat and it is only for patients who want to target small areas of stored fat

The risks associated with mini liposuction include:

  • Bleeding
  • Fluid accumulation
  • Contour irregularities
  • Changes in sensation
  • Rippling or loose skin
  • Scarring

Mini Liposuction and Thin Patients

Mini liposuction is able to remove small pockets of fat and create a better proportion for patients who are quite thin and do not need a lot of fat removed. Ideal patients should be near their desired body weight. Even though patients should only want to remove up to 2.5 pounds of fat in smaller regions of the body, mini liposuction can also be performed on larger areas of the body including the abdomen and thighs (as long as these regions only have a little bit of fat that needs to be removed). Before making the decision to have mini liposuction, the patient might not have been able to achieve the desired tone to the targeted region of the body without losing weight in other areas of the body. After mini liposuction is performed, the body has a better tone and shape, and patients can make plans to gain and lose weight in a proportional manner.

Anyone that is interested in having mini liposuction will need to make sure they are an ideal candidate for the treatment. Mini liposuction will not provide the same dramatic results as traditional liposuction and patients need to know this in advance of having the treatment. If they are not sure if the results provided by mini liposuction are what they desire, they should schedule a consultation appointment with their surgeon to address any questions or concerns they have about the mini liposuction process. The doctor can ask the patient about their expected results and also determine if mini liposuction is the ideal procedure to achieve their desired final results. Once the doctor and the patient are in agreement about the expected final results, the mini liposuction procedure can be scheduled to be performed by the surgeon.

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