Top 5 Reasons for Liposuction

Reasons for Liposuction

Trying to achieve a slim and sexy body can often be frustrating. Even with diet and exercise, some stubborn pockets of fat are often difficult to remove…

Reasons for LiposuctionLiposuction is an effective cosmetic surgery treatment that can help eliminate fats for good. This procedure can get rid of those extra fats to help a person achieve a more proportionate body. Even patients who are at their ideal weight may have problems with fat deposits on one or more parts of the body. This is where liposuction comes in to help eliminate those facts.

Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the United States with thousands of liposuction procedures performed every year. The popularity isn’t really much of a surprise, as liposuction is a relatively inexpensive procedure that offers lots of advantages. In fact, there are many reasons why a patient might consider liposuction.

  1. While liposuction is not intended to eliminate every bit of fat from the body, it is extremely effective in treating stubborn fat in certain areas. This includes the abdomen, arms, thighs and buttocks. It can also target small areas such as the forehead and chin. Fat pockets that hang on can be very embarrassing so the immediate effect of liposuction is a good way to regain some self-confidence.
  2. Self-confidence is one of the most common reasons why women want to get liposuction. Being at an ideal weight doesn’t necessarily mean having a desirable figure. For example, the abdominal area may be flat and trimmed but all of the fats might have accumulated to the arms and hips. In cases like this, getting rid of those fats is tough even with diet and exercise. With liposuction, a patient can have a proportionate body instantly without resorting to unhealthy methods of weight loss. Furthermore, liposuction may be combined with another procedure called liposculpture. In this combination, the cosmetic surgeon will first do liposuction to remove fats in areas where they are unwanted. These fats will then be transferred to another area that needs them.
  3. Liposuction removes fat cells. Once a fat cell gets removed from the body, it won’t be replaced by another fat cell in that area. If the patient gains weight after the procedure, fat deposits will accumulate on the areas of the body that were not treated by liposuction. The area that has been treated will have a very small chance of getting fat again. It is extremely important to take note that liposuction is not a substitute for diet and exercise. Liposuction will not prevent a patient from getting fat again. The procedure is only a complement for a well-thought out weight loss regime.
  4. Aside from removing fat cells, newer techniques of liposuction can also induce the growth of collagen. Collagen is a naturally-occurring protein found in the skin. It helps make the skin firm, smooth and wrinkle free. Laser liposuction is a kind of liposuction that affects collagen growth. With this liposuction technique, patients get the added benefit of having younger and more radiant-looking skin.
  5. According to experts, liposuction can actually decrease the risk of developing heart diseases especially in overweight and obese patients. When the deposits of fat are removed from the body, the levels of triglycerides in the body are also reduced. Although the body produces its own triglycerides to sustain various biological functions, too many triglycerides can lead to a myriad of circulatory diseases. One study found that patients who have had liposuction experience a reduction in triglyceride levels by as much as 43%. Though the study did not produce hard evidence, it nonetheless spotlighted the fascinating connection between liposuction and fat storage.

Although liposuction is often looked at as a way to get a slimmer body, there are quite a number of reasons why a patient might want to undergo it. A patient should never have the procedure without fully understanding it. Patients need to conduct a good amount of research and consult with a board-certified surgeon who can further discuss the procedure in detail and address any concerns that the patient might have about liposuction. These steps will help the patient feel confident about undergoing liposuction.

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