What Goes Into The Cost Of Liposuction?

Costs of Lipo

Liposuction cost is a vital factor when considering a liposuction procedure. It’s important to remember that the quality of liposuction is a more critical concern than of its cost. If the ultimate liposuction goal includes having a satisfied patient, the surgeon’s experience and expertise are probably more important than the price of liposuction surgery. While liposuction costs are important, it isn’t the most crucial factor when considering liposuction surgery.Costs of Lipo

1. Lowest Liposuction Cost May Be Costlier
Selecting a liposuction surgeon based upon the lowest price ultimately might be the costliest option if the original cosmetic results are so poor that an additional surgeon has to be paid to fix the work of the first surgeon. Some of the most undesired liposuction outcomes include:

  • Incomplete liposuction with little proof that liposuction actually was performed
  • Excess liposuction that produces a disfigured or unnatural appearance
  • Uneven or irregular results with unsightly skin depressions
  • Massive scars revealing to others that the patient has undergone liposuction

2. Liposuction Cost
The overall cost for a liposuction procedure is the sum of the non-surgical charge in addition to one or more surgical charges. The non-surgical charge expenses include the nursing staff, the operating room, pre-op lab tests, post-op garments and the various supplies used during the procedure. The surgical charges represent the costs for a liposuction operation of each individual region. For instance, the total liposuction cost of the buttocks, outer thighs and hips can be the sum of the surgical charges for hips at $3400, outer thighs at $3000 and the buttocks at $2000 in addition to non-surgical charge at $1600. This equals a grand total of $9200.

3. Liposuction Techniques
There are a variety of techniques for performing liposuction. Here is a list of some of the most common ones:

  • Tumescent Technique – This procedure is a technique which offers local anesthesia to massive subcutaneous fat volumes and thereby permits liposuction completely with local anesthetic. The average price is $4900.
  • Dry Technique – This procedure gets its name from the fact that it doesn’t utilize local anesthesia injections in the fat prior to liposuction. Costs run from $2500 to $5000 depending on the area that is treated.
  • Super Wet Technique – This procedure requires the injection of a volume of dilute local anesthetic which is less than 50% the volume utilized for the tumescent procedure. The average cost is $2500.
  • Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction This procedure, otherwise known as UAL, requires using a massive tumescent fluid volume and will utilize a metal paddle or probe to generate ultrasonic heat and energy into the subcutaneous fat. The price of ultrasonic liposuction is like that of traditional liposuction. Individuals may expect to pay from $1500 to $10,000. Liposuction costs will depend upon the size of the region being treated.
  • PAL (Power Assisted Techniques) PAL devices utilize power supplied by compressed air or electric motor to generate either a quick in-and-out motion or spinning rotation of a connected liposuction cannula. The liposuction cost significantly varies based upon the region of the body in which the procedure is performed. Typically, power assisted liposuction costs range between $2000 and $8000.
  • Laser Liposuction The laser technique requires the use of tumescent fluid and utilizes a microcannula that is inserted via a tiny incision to produce laser heat and energy into the subcutaneous fat. The average price is $4900.
  • Water Jet Assisted Liposuction – This is another liposuction method utilized by cosmetic surgeons these days. Actually, water jet assisted liposuction utilizes a somewhat pressurized saline stream to dislodge fat while simultaneously extracting the cells. Rather than destroying fat cells, this liposuction technique loosens the fat cells in order to facilitate more gentle extraction. The average cost is $4575.

4. Factors Determining the Cost of Liposuction
Some of the factors determining the overall liposuction costs include the patient’s size, the amount of effort and time needed by the surgeon, the service cost for the anesthesiologist, fees for the operating room, preoperative lab fees and additional associated costs such as elastic compression garments.

Other variables that can affect the liposuction price include the surgeon’s experience and the surgeon’s geographic location. A professional liposuction surgeon who has performed thousands of liposuction treatments with consistent results often will charge more than a less experienced cosmetic surgeon. Plus, surgeons in larger geographic areas often charge more due to the high customer demand for the procedure.

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