The idea of liposuction can leisurely filter through the mind but several factors will inevitably come into play. When considering having this procedure done, some people are anxious about the actual method while others are concerned with the appearance of scars afterward. It is completely natural to be concerned. After all, it is your body Liposuction Scarsand you should make a choice that is right for you. So, what should you do? Do what everyone else does! Get out your tablet or phone or simply turn on your computer and do some research.

Excess fat on the thighs, stomach, arms and the neck is a common complaint heard by a vast majority of cosmetic physicians. Did you know that liposuction happens to be the most popular cosmetic procedure in the world? It is often referred to as body sculpting or body contour. Liposuction can definitely improve your body’s appearance and most people are pleased with the results. However, it is a surgical procedure where small incisions are made and some scarring is unavoidable. The amount of scarring a person has can vary depending on the circumstances.

Since Liposuction is a popular form of “beautifying the body”, there are many cosmetic physicians to choose from. Whenever you are considering any type of procedure, do some research and examine the amount of experience the physician has and get recommendations from trusted sources. Each cosmetic physician has their own preference and technique according to the area of concern. Some scars can be hidden within the belly button while others are located below the bikini line. In more visible areas, small scarring may be seen. Keep in mind that the more areas that are treated, the more scarring you may have. Also, your genetics play a role in how large the scars may appear. If you have a darker skin tone, the scaring will be more apparent. Dark skin is apt to develop keloid scars making the discoloration around the scar more noticeable. It is always important to talk to the physician and find out his or her methods and ask plenty of questions. In any case, the patient can minimize the degree of liposuction scarring by following a few simple instructions.

Following the procedure, your cosmetic physician will provide you with instructions on how to care for your incisions. It is vital to follow these instructions to avoid getting an infection. Not only would an infection be painful, it can leave you with a larger and more apparent scar. The physician will also instruct a patient on how and when to change the compression bandage. This bandage is crucial to the healing process due to the fact that the bandage aids in reducing inflammation and ultimately helps to minimize scarring. The sun can also play a negative role in how noticeable your scars will appear. Therefore, keep your scars covered when going out into the sun. As your incision heals, you will eventually be instructed to treat a healed scar with the highest possible SPF sun screen on a regular basis. The sun can darken a scar long after it heals especially with people who already have a darker skin tone. With any surgery, doctors will instruct a smoker to become a non-smoker prior to the surgery and during the healing time. Regular exercise and skin massage, once your doctor gives you the “okay” along with a healthy balanced diet, will help your scars heal and fade away. After the incisions have healed, you will be instructed to use a scar healing product which includes silicone. It may also contain or be combined with other natural ingredients such as Vitamin C, Aloe Vera and Licorice Extract which is used to fade any discoloration. Your body needs all the oxygen and moisture it can get during any recovery and following these simple instructions will help you on your way to recovery.

Making a decision to have liposuction might be an easy choice for some and a difficult choice for others. Be sure to talk with your doctor about your concerns, any and all medical issues and also follow their recommended instructions. Following the instructions will help your scars heal nicely and be virtually invisible.

February 25, 2016
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