What is LipoBelt?

Lipobelt Non-Invasive Liposuction

LipoBelt is a method for removing fat pockets throughout the midsection or flanks, upper arms, hips, back and thighs while increasing the firmness of these areas. LipoBelt is FDA approved and is considered a non-surgical alternative to liposuction. LipoBelt is safe for at-home use while using an adjustable body contouring kit. The device can be applied easily and only requires 1 hour of wear, 3 times a week. Wearers can use it while doing daily chores, cooking or relaxing. In general, noticeable results should be visible in approximately 3 to 10 weeks. There are no required repeat visits to the doctor as well as no pills, dieting or exercise routine. Since this treatment is non-invasive, recovery and downtime is not needed after LipoBelt.

How Does LipoBelt Work?

LipoBelt utilizes Cryo-Technology to deliver the right amount of cold therapy to rid the body of unwanted fat without harming the surrounding skin. During LipoBelt treatments, the patient will feel increasingly cold in the targeted areas for the first 15 minutes. After that, the region will feel slightly numb. While this is occurring, the subcutaneous fat cells are being exposed to temperatures just below freezing. The extreme temperature triggers cell death and the body will naturally remove the dead fat cells through elimination. It is important to drink plenty of fluids in conjunction with the treatments since the excess fluids will be needed to help flush out the cells. As the thickness of fat layers is gradually reduced, the results will show a visible reduction in fat bulges. Although the cold packs are extremely cold, LipoBelt is designed to protect the surface layer of the skin from ice burn or frost bite. Furthermore, the cold packs are not so cold that they cause harm to the surrounding tissue and muscles. Nevertheless, patients should use LipoBelt as directed and not allow the cold packs to come into direct contact with the skin.

Side Effects of LipoBelt

Lipobelt Non-Invasive LiposuctionPatients may experience some side effects which are both minor and temporary. Side effects can include:

  • Redness on the treated area
  • Mild numbness
  • Altered sensation from the cold
  • Slight tingling
  • Tenderness to the touch

These side effects generally subside after 10-20 minutes.

Benefits of LipoBelt

Some of the benefits of LipoBelt include:

  • Skin tightening
  • A reduction of cellulite.
  • Collagen production within the deeper layers of skin.
  • Similar techniques such as CoolSculpting are only available in-office while LipoBelt can be purchased and used at home

LipoBelt Limitations and Precautions

LipoBelt is not intended to treat patients who are overweight or obese and these patients might be better candidates for a surgical procedure such as a tummy tuck

LipoBelt is not recommended for people with a history of certain medical conditions or illnesses so it is best to consult with a doctor before starting LipoBelt treatments

Some patients may not tolerate the temperature of the cold packs very well and may benefit from other non-invasive liposuction techniques

Patients should discontinue the use of LipoBelt and consult their doctor if they experience any adverse reactions such as heavy cramping in the targeted areas, a severe rash, dizziness or fainting.


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