Liposuction Revision

Revision Liposuction

Revision LiposuctionWhile liposuction can significantly improve a person’s shape and contour, it can produce undesirable results in the wrong hands. Liposuction is considered an “operator dependent” procedure which means that the results depend on the skills and experience of the surgeon. A botched liposuction procedure performed by an inexperienced surgeon can leave a patient depressed due to rippling, asymmetry or an unnatural shape. Liposuction revision is often performed because too much, or too little fat, was removed. Too much fat being removed can cause indentations while too little fat removed can cause bulging. Bulging can be corrected by additional liposuction or liposuction revision but indentations may need fat grafting. Nevertheless, correcting botched liposuction is more challenging than performing the initial procedure since the goal of liposuction revision is to perfect contour irregularities and provide aesthetically pleasing results. Furthermore, patients will need to wait at least 6 to 12 months after the initial procedure before they can undergo liposuction revision. This is because the body needs adequate time to heal and so the swelling, from the initial procedure, does not interfere with the revision procedure.

Why is Liposuction Revision Needed?

Liposuction requires adequate skill and should be performed with finesse. Yet, many surgeons have had very little training and experience before performing liposuction. Additionally, many countries offer liposuction for substantially cheaper prices which causes many people to travel abroad for what is known as “medical tourism”. While getting liposuction for a much lower cost may sound like a good deal, it may lead to a higher cost in the end. Surgeons in other countries are not always up to date with the newest technology and latest techniques. Plus, there is often a lack of regulation and the physician may not even have any qualifications to perform the surgery. Therefore, patients end up with a botched procedure and an additional cost for liposuction revision. Unfortunately, some of these low-cost deals leave the patient disfigured and can even result in death.

Other Influences for Liposuction Revision

Liposuction revision is not always needed because of surgical error. Having realistic goals is very important with any cosmetic procedure and this includes liposuction. It is not a procedure that should be used for weight loss. Lipo is designed to be a body contouring procedure to remove stubborn pockets of fat. A patient who has unrealistic expectations may even perceive successful results as a failed procedure and pursue liposuction revision as the solution.

Other patients seek liposuction revision due to changes with their body. After a successful liposuction procedure, a sudden weight gain or loss can cause irregularities. Patients should understand that, although the fat that is removed cannot come back, neighboring areas of fat can continue to increase in size and cause weight gain. Therefore, patients should maintain a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise after liposuction. Over the years, aging can also affect the initial results of liposuction. These influences can cause a person to want liposuction revision.


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